SGA is pleased to announce that our production this year in drama will be Aladdin Jr. 

All grades are encouraged to audition for roles or volunteer to help backstage. 

Auditions will start early November and the curtain goes up April 6th and 7th• 

Stay tuned for monthly updates until the curtain opens!! 

Nicole Normandeau 
Drama Club 
Thank you!!!! 


Drama is offered as an option in school at Grade 7, 8, 9, and all High School levels. In classes, we explore the concepts surrounding self and performance and work to build knowledge and appreciation of Drama, performance, and theatre as an art form. Our courses are broken down into units of Orientation, Movement, Speech, Acting and Improvisation, Technical Theatre, and Theatre Studies. We will also have the opportunity to visit live theatre performances.

Drama Club is an extra-curricular activity that provides all students from grades seven to twelve an opportunity to audition and perform, regardless of whether they are enrolled in Drama classes or not. Performances are usually in the spring and details are provided throughout the school year.

Students who wish to participate in Drama Club, but do not wish to be on stage also have the opportunity to help out with lights, sound, props, or other technical aspects of the production.