Fine Arts 

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St. Gabriel the Archangel has an outstanding Fine Arts program. The Fine Arts Department is proud to offer to students great opportunities for creativity in visual arts, music, and drama. In our visual arts courses students focus on problem-solving and creative thinking through the use and exploration of varied mediums to develop skills in artistic expression. Students learn and apply visual, analytical, and critical skills to develop control and competency within drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, pottery, and mixed media.

Our drama program is designed to acquire knowledge of self and others through participation in and reflection on dramatic experience. It will develop competency in communication skills through participation and exploration of various dramatic disciplines.

In music, courses are open to woodwind, brass, and percussion players with two or more years of successful experience in a junior high band. However, beginner players are also welcome. Students develop their instrument range and pitch, improve their tone quality, develop proper technique, study music theory, music history, and ear-training.

Details on Fine Arts at SGA

Courses Offered at St. Gabriel the Archangel

Art 10, Art 20, and Art 30

Art courses will train students to think and behave like artists and develop their problem-solving and creative thinking skills. They will expand the use of head-to-hand skills, all techniques, and further explore the use of mediums. Exploration of personal expression is emphasized along with self-evaluation and peer-evaluation techniques. All students will participate in the exhibition of their artwork.

Drama 10, Drama 20, and Drama 30

Drama courses will help the student to develop an appreciation of drama and theatre as a process and art form. Students will explore and develop the disciplines of movement, speech, improvisation, and one or two components of technical theatre/design. All students are given opportunities to participate in public productions.

Instrumental Music 10, Instrumental Music 20, and Instrumental Music 30

Music courses are scheduled to allow flexibility. Assignments and testing will take place during scheduled class times. Classes take place outside the schedule. Participation in a band allows you to play in concerts, festivals, camps, and tours. Students do not need grade 9 instrumental music to register.