Hockey Canada Skills Academy


Hockey Canada partners with the Calgary Catholic School District to offer an exciting optional program for students. This program is offered at the elementary, junior high and high school level in select schools. Students have the opportunity to learn hockey skills, leadership, teamwork and fitness during the school day.

These programs are run by certified teachers with extensive hockey backgrounds. Hockey Canada supplies resources and training to our teachers which gives students an advantage as they develop their hockey skills. Students have on-ice training up to twice a week with one off-ice training session as well. This program of choice is funded entirely by parents.

Program Philosophy at SGA
The focus for the program is to develop individual hockey skills, overall athleticism, leadership skills, self-discipline, and an appreciation for the game of hockey. The academy is open to both boys and girls and players of all abilities.

If you need any information your can call Bryon Campbell at the school at 403-500-2110.