JH Supply List

School Supply List for Grade 7-9


PLEASE NOTE: Not all supplies need to come to school at once.

Please keep surplus supplies at home and replenish them as needed.

1Pencil case – large enough to hold the supplies below1Package colored markers
20HB pencils or mechanical *3Highlighters * yellow/blue/pink
2Fine tip black markers *3Red pens *
1Whiteout tape1Pair scissors
10Blue pens *2White erasers
1Large glue stick *1sharpener
1Ruler (30 cm) not flexible1Package pencil crayons

* These items may need to be replaced/replenished after Christmas*


Scientific Calculator

(preferably Casio, Sharp, or Texas Instruments)

1Geometry set with good quality compass (Oxford Helix recommended)
3Packages 500 sheets of lined paper (3 hole punched)
1Package graph paper (at least 50 sheets)
1Package unlined paper (250 sheets)
3Packages dividers
8Duo tangs (multi-colors) *
1Package reinforcements
21 - 1 ½ inch binders (multi-colors including blue, red, black, white)
1Large zippered all-purpose binders
1Pair indoor shoes (suitable for P.E./non marking soles only)
2Coiled notebooks (3 hole punched)
1Set – head phones
1Locker Shelf (Optional)


*Locks are provided – included in general fees – the students will use the same lock throughout junior and senior high*

Physical Education T-Shirt and Shorts can be purchased online. Please go to the Athletics tab to purchase.


Entering Junior High is an exciting time for students and we, at St. Gabriel, are equally excited to welcome you and make this transition on your educational journey as smooth as possible. Please review the following answers to frequently asked questions, as this information will help you get ready for the start of the school year.

Prior to the First Day of School:

  • our parents will receive our August/September newsletter via email. It will also be posted on the school website. https://www.cssd.ab.ca/schools/stgabriel/
  • You will receive a phone call prior to the first day of school from your homeroom teacher indicating your class placement.

What does the first day look like?

  • Your teacher will be waiting for you on the tarmac behind the school. You will have received a phone call from your teacher indicating your class placement, and there will be lists posted there if you missed the call.
  • In T.A. (Teacher Advisor)/your homeroom, you will be given your school combination lock and your locker. Do not bring your own locks.

How will I find the way to my classes?

  • In T.A. you will also be given a schedule for each class change. Don’t worry about finding your way; we have an entire school community dedicated to helping you get settled in.
  • You will go to each of your classes as scheduled and each of your teachers will give you information about that class and the expectations.

Will I need to buy a lock?

  • No. One will be provided by the school and we prefer you use it rather than others as they have fewer problems.

What if I forget my combination?

  • Your teacher advisor will record your locker combination when you receive your lock. It is very important that no one else knows your combination. A copy of your locker combination is also kept in the office.

Will I have time to fill my locker?

  • Yes. At the beginning of the day, your teacher advisor will give you the time you need. If more time is needed, and it often is, the grade 7 teaching team will work with you throughout the morning taking whatever time is needed to get you settled.

What if I can’t fit everything in my locker?

  • You have received a school supply list that tells you what you need for the whole year. There is a lot on the list, but all of it does not need to come to school on the first day. Just one package of paper, for example, rather than 5 packages will do and one or two pencils and pens. Replenish as needed to make the most of your tiny locker space.

What do I need to take to my classes on the first day?

  • Pen, paper, and a binder are all you need to carry with you on your first day. You will want to carry your binder to hold the paperwork you will be receiving from your various teachers. All course outlines that you are asked to read and sign….really need to be read and signed.