Off-Campus Education

Off-Campus, Education plays a vital role in enabling students to transition into the workforce and post-secondary education. Worksites are approved, students are evaluated, and an off-campus teacher monitors the student's progress. Students involved in the program can earn high school credits (1 credit for every 25 hours worked, with a minimum of 75 hours worked) while acquiring the skills and work habits necessary to succeed after high school.

Work Experience
Work experience encourages students who have a part-time job to earn credits based on the number of hours they work. Hours spent volunteering and hours worked during summer may also be eligible for this program.

Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP)
RAP provides an opportunity for students to explore a career in the trades. Students are provided assistance in finding a job in their chosen trade. The student will then spend the summer working and learning about the trade, while also earning credits towards their High School diploma.

Credits can be earned in the following courses:
HCS 3000: Workplace Safety Systems (1 CTS credit)
Work Experience 15, 25, and 35 (3 – 10 credits per course)

Of these credits, a total of 21 (1 CTS and 20 Work Experience) credits can be used toward the 100 credits required for a High School diploma.

*** Please note that in order to enroll in any Off-Campus program, students must have first completed the CTS course, HCS 3000: Workplace Safety Systems. ***


Dual Credit programs are designed for high school students interested in specific career areas that would like to work towards post-secondary and/or workplace certification, while still attending high school.

  • Veterinary Technical Assistant (Olds College)
  • Pharmacy Assistant (SAIT)
  • Pre-Employment Carpentry (SAIT)
  • Pre-Employment Electrician (SAIT)
  • Pre-Employment Pipe Trades (SAIT)
  • Pre-Employment Welding (SAIT)
  • Hospitality & Tourism (Olds College)
  • Software Development (Bow Valley College)
  • Healthcare Career Essentials (SAIT)

Exploratory Programs

These programs are designed for high school students interested in a skilled trade, wanting to work alongside a journeyman. Students can earn both workplace certifications and high school credits.

  • Exploring Wood Trades
  • Exploring Ironworker Trade
  • Exploring Pipe Trade
  • Exploring Metal Trades
  • Foundations in Emergency Care

Green Certificate

Green Certificate is an apprenticeship-style program designed for students interested in the agricultural industry, wanting to learn from experienced farm personnel and earn high school credits/certification from Alberta Agriculture and Forestry.

Career Discovery Program

The Career Discovery Program provides Grade 10 and 11 students the opportunity to explore or research a particular career field at a workplace. This is usually an unpaid (75 hour) two or three week-long positions, completed during the summer in which students can earn high school credits. The program is primarily a "job shadow" experience in which a student is paired with a mentor in their chosen career field.

For more information on these and other Off-Campus programs, please visit:





Work Experience is an individualized program where students who are already working or volunteering are able to earn high school credits. During the school year, this work typically takes place after school and on weekends. Credits can also be earned during the summer months. Credits are based on the hours worked/volunteered – 25 hours is equivalent to 1 high school credit.


We are pleased to announce that the following Dual Credit Programs will be available for CCSD students during the 2020/2021 School Year. Dual Credit programs are designed for high school students who are interested in a specific career area and would like to work towards post-secondary or workplace certification in this area of study, while still attending high school. Students will earn both a post-secondary certificate/courses while earning high school credits.

For the 2020 to 2021 school year, these Dual Credit Programs will have both an online and in-person/practicum component. Here is a list of the programs that will be offered:

· Healthcare Career Essentials (SAIT) Semester 2

· Pharmacy Assistant (SAIT) Full Year

· Pre-Employment Carpentry (SAIT) Full Year

· Pre-Employment Pipe Trades (SAIT) Full Year

· Pre-Employment Welding (SAIT) Full Year

· Software Development (Bow Valley) Semester 2

· Veterinary Technical Assistant (Olds) Two-year program

(Vet Tech Student/Parent On-Line Information Meeting is June 4th @ 5:00 PM)

Please Note: The above programs require that HCS3000: Workplace Safety Systems be completed as a prerequisite. HCS3000 is a 1 credit online course that can be taken in Summer school. Information on Summer school is available on D2L under the District Academic Programs tab.

· Other online courses will also be available through Bow Valley College.

Applications and information about these programs will be available on the D2L Home Page under District Programs on Thursday, May 20. Please contact your Career Practitioner or Off-Campus Teacher

to discuss the program. Please remember you are required to create a targeted resume and cover letter for this application. You will also need a Statement of Support. If you would like Mr. Stambene or Mr. Manderson to assist you with this, please send a copy of your resume, cover letter, and application form so it can be completed properly. We will need your current grades in your Semester 2 subjects. All Dual Credit applications are due June 12th

Please send all documents to Mr. McSween.

Career Practitioner:  TBA

Off-Campus Teacher: